My mathematical research interests are in algebraic number theory and arithmetic statistics. In Fall 2021 I took and passed my Qualifying Exam at Berkeley (major topics: Algebraic Number Theory and Probablity, minor topic: Complex Analysis). To help future students, I am maintaining a page with resources I created or collected during this process. My study materials, advice, other resources, and the full transcript from my exam can be found here.

A list of my publications can be found here. In addition I’ve written the following articles


For MATH 487: Algebraic Geometry at Williams College, taught by Ralph Morrison, Ben Logsdon and I created a font out of affine varieties, called Nullstellenfont. Our article about it appeared in the April 2020 edition of Math Horizons and was later featured in The Best Writing on Mathematics 2021 Edition. We also created code to convert a string of text to an affine variety and compute the defining equation. You can see an example here. You can also make your own text or check out the code.

Creating Posters

After presenting posters at numerous conferences and science fairs, I wrote an article for the February 2020 edition of the AMS Notices Early Career section about creating (mathematical) posters.